Prospects of the project

Team SPONLI plans in the near future:
• Construction of six observatories around the world, located in the most favorable locations, based on the criterion of a great view of the sky.
• To order 210 professional telescopes – 35 telescopes per one observatory (30 night and 5 solar scopes).
• Development of software ( cross-platform) and 3D sky map with an opportunity to control the telescopes.
• The installation of radio telescopes to search for extrasolar planets.
• Creation of the largest archive astrophoto.
• Creation of software for tracking changes in space (comparison photos of the same object or area of the sky in order to find the changes.)
• Launch Space Telescope.
Also in the project:
• Co-operation with schools and universities, and other educational institutions.
• The ability to publish photos taken by our users using our telescopes, pictures will be located in the main gallery of objects for all users.
• Ability to sell original of astrophotography (each user will have the ability to upload their source pictures).
• Ability to manage professional telescopes (about 60 telescopes online 24 hours from 4 to 27 inches).
• High-quality pictures online with telescopes around the world (all users will have the ability to track their interesting news)
• Announcing the news, collective subscription (each user can create their own event, to collect subscribers and to earn on this.)
• Ability to communicate with professional astronomers (SPONLI team will create the most interesting events for all inhabitants of the planet).
• Ability to obtain complete information on alignment of telescopes, camera settings and astro-equipment directly from the luminaries of astronomy.
• Watching of life Observatory (online cameras will be available in the observatory, information from weather station about current weather conditions).
• The possibility of the development of the project by adding the events, objects, and their research.
• Membership of the largest network of amateur astronomers and professionals.
• Ability of realization your research, as well as access to view the research of others.
• A large number of telescopes will provide a unique opportunity to detect asteroids, comets and previously undiscovered objects
• Planned opening astroshop


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