Space is getting closer with SPONLI


• a modern Observatory:
– 11 professional telescopes (2 telescope of 12″ in diametre, 6 telescopes of 14″ in diametre, 2 telescopes of 16 ” in diametre, one Solar Telescope of 90 mm)
– professional cameras, filters
• Professional equipment, high-speed fiber optic internet and uninterrupted power supply for 24-hour functioning of the project.
• Team SPONLI – is a team of passionate amateur astronomers, astronomy-lovers.
• Unique 3D-model of the solar system.
• Animated model maps of the sky.
• Animated card model of changing day and night.
• The bigest library of knowledge, astrophotography and video for the study of astronomy.
• The possibility of photographing the Moon and the Sun online and tracking changes on their surfaces.
• The ability to register for events, obtaining high-resolution photos + original photos for your research and editing.
• In-depth study of the solar system and the changes in it. The study and discovery of comets and asteroids.
• The possibility of choice of future events by interviewing
• Ability to search for new stars, planets, supernovae, comets, asteroids and other objects.
• Ability to follow up some developments in space.

To sum it up, expensive hobby becomes available to everyone!

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