The Sun Online and solar activity. September 26, 2013

The Sun is quiet when it comes to flaring activity. NOAA AR 1850/Catania 83 produced a few B-flares. We expect that the X-ray radiation stays at a low level. The solar wind speed peaked on September 25 around 450 km/s and
decreased slowly to a speed of 350 km/s today, September 26. Late September 25, the Earth crossed a sector boundary (SB). The interplanetary magnetic field changed from an inward to an outward
direction, the density of the solar wind plasma has changed slightly. The SB crossing did not have geomagnetic consequences. A small northern coronal hole (between 35° and 50° latitude) will pass the central meridian today, September 26. We expect the geomagnetic conditions to stay quiet for the next 48 hours.

(Info from Royal Observatory of Belgium).

Equipment: Coronado 90 + SBIG 8300s + LX75
Editor: Photoshop
Date: 26/09/13
Time GMT: 16:30
Exposure 0.09 sec.

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