The Sun Online and solar activity. September 28, 2013

X-ray background radiation is in the B-level. No C-flares occurred. Catania sunspot group 83/NOAA AR 1850 has the potential of producing a C-flare. It is located between 30° and 45° longitude.
A large filament (longitudinal, between 5° and 30°) passed the central meridian. Up to now, it seems to be stable.Two coronal holes (CH) are visible on the solar disk: a small northern CH (between 35° and 50°
latitude, 20° wide) crossed the central meridian on September 27 and a small equatorial CH (between 5°S and 5°N, 10° wide) that crosses the central meridian today. Unsettled geomagnetic conditions are possible from October 1-2. The geomagnetic conditions are quiet at the moment.

(Info from Royal Observatory of Belgium).

Equipment: Coronado 90 + SBIG 8300s + LX75
Editor: Photoshop
Date: 28/09/13
Time GMT: 13:00
Exposure 0.09 sec.

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