Astronomy education project Sponli

sp We propose you to participate in the unique astronomy project.
We are looking for:

1. Celestial photographer for a regular job in the observatory (business trips for 2-4 months) with knowledge of equipment setting and following programs: ACP, MaximDL, Focusmax and PinPoint. (Today the telescopes are aligned and set, we’ll have to set ACP for a remote operation and get into celestial photography).

2. Celestial photographer for a remote job, who can work with such astronomy programs as IRIS, RegiStax, Photoshop and others. (We provide a remote access to telescopes and wait for an astronomy event from you).

3. Content manager for working with the site and the site community in social networks (+ Skills of finding interesting materials, translating news, etc.)

Besides, we are ready to provide time for remote telescope control in exchange for your assistance in the site development. You add a certain quantity of objects and according to the results of your work we give you time of a telescope control.

What we have for the present moment:
Solar Coronado 90 mounted on LX75 + SBIG 8300
Two 16 inch and two 12 inch telescopes mounted on LX200. + SBIG 8300