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The Sun Online and solar activity. November 14, 2013

The strongest flare observed during last 24 hours was a confined M1.4 flare (peaked at 15:20 UT, on November 13), originating from the NOAA AR 1897. We expect C-class and possibly M-class flares, while X-class flares are possible but not very probable. Catania sunspot group 35 (NOAA AR 1890) is at the moment close to the west solar limb, therefore, we maintain the warning condition for a proton event during the following hours.The Earth is still inside a slow solar wind flow with the speed of about 370 km/s. The interplanetary magnetic field is stable with the magnitude of about 4 nT. The geomagnetic conditions are quiet and expected to remain so during the following hours. We expect quiet to active geomagnetic conditions late on November 16, due to arrival of a fast flow associated with the low-latitude coronal hole in the northern hemisphere.


Equipment: Coronado 90 + SBIG 8300s + LX75
Processing: Photoshop
Date: 14/11/13
Time GMT: 19:30
Exposure 0.12 sec.

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