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The Sun Online and solar activity. December 14, 2013

The X-ray background radiation has decreased slightly. C-flaring activity is however still very likely.A forward shock is seen in ACE solar wind data around 12UT on December 13: temperature, density and magnetic field strength increased, the speed increased from around 270 km/s to 330 km/s.
The shock is probably linked to the interaction of a slow and fast solar wind stream giving rise to a co-rotating interaction region. The northern coronal hole that reached the central meridian on December 10 is responsible for the fast solar wind. The planetary K index became 4 during one 3-hour interval this morning, December 14.  The total magnetic field strength at the L1 point is around 10 nT, the wind
carries 10 particles per cm3 at a speed of around 400 km/s. Active conditions are possible.

Equipment: Coronado 90 + SBIG 8300s + LX75
Processing: Photoshop
Date: 12/14/13
Time UT: 00:00
Exposure 0.8 sec.

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The Bubble Nebula

IC 1805 closeup

Image Credit & Copyright: J-P Metsävainio (Astro Anarchy)

Blown by the wind from a massive star, this interstellar apparition has a surprisingly familiar shape. Cataloged as NGC 7635, it is also known simply as The Bubble Nebula. Although it looks delicate, the 10 light-year diameter bubble offers evidence of violent processes at work. Above and right of the Bubble’s center is a hot, O star, several hundred thousand times more luminous and around 45 times more massive than the Sun. A fierce stellar wind and intense radiation from that star has blasted out the structure of glowing gas against denser material in a surrounding molecular cloud. The intriguing Bubble Nebula lies a mere 11,000 light-years away toward the boastful constellation Cassiopeia. This natural looking view of the cosmic bubble is composed from narrowband image data, also used to create a 3D model.

Huge Rosette nebula


Camera 650D MOD
Lens Takahashi FS-60CB
ISO 1600
Exposure 4MINS X 35 TOTAL 140
Process With Dark Bias PS DSS@ Danny Leung (Hong Kong)

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14 December 2013
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