The Spaghetti Nebula (Simeis 147 / Sh2-240) Hydrongen-alpha


Simeis 147, also known as the Spaghetti NebulaSNR G180.0-01.7 or Sharpless 2-240, is a supernova remnant (SNR) that may have occurred in the Milky Way, on the constellation borders of Auriga and Taurus. Discovered in 1952 at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory using a 25 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, it is a very difficult object to observe view due to its extreme low brightness. The nebulous area is fairly large with an almost spherical shell and filamentary structure. The remnant has an apparent diameter that covers approximately 3°, an estimated distance of approximately 3000 (±350)ly away and an age of approximately 40,000y old. It is believed that after its stellar explosion a rapidly spinning neutron star known as pulsar PSR J0538+2817 was left behind in the nebula core, emitting a strong radio signal.

Camera : Astro60D (cooled at-16C)
Telescope/Lens : Takahashi FSQ-85ED w 0.73x reducer (327mm f/3.8 )
Filter : Astronomik 6nm Ha
ISO : 3200
Tracking Mount : Takahashi EM-11
Autoguide : SBIG SG-4
Data: 3-7, Jan, 2014  MeiZhou, CHINA
Total Exposure Time : 10mins x 63frames
w Dark Frames, Bias Frames
process w DSS,PI, PS5

Autor:  Vincent Vegabort

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18 January 2014

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