NGC 1977 Running Man Nebula

NGC 1977, commonly referred to as the “Running Man” nebula, is a region of predominately blue reflection clouds of hydrogen in the Orion complex.  The dark lanes of dust in front of the cloud give this region its name.

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Astro-Tech AT8IN f/4 8″ Imaging Newtonian
Imaging cameras: Orion Starshoot Mono III
Mounts: Celestron CGEM
Guiding telescopes or lenses: Orion ST 80
Guiding cameras: QHYCCD QGuider
Software: Maxim DL
Filters: Xagyl Comm 1.25″ Luminance, Xagyl Comm 1.25″ B, Xagyl Comm 1.25″ Red, Xagyl Comm 1.25″ G
Accessories: Xagyl Comm 1.25″ Ultra-Thin Filter Wheel
Dates: Feb. 10, 2012
Frames: 64×120″
Integration: 2.1 hours

Autor: Chris Madson

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12 February 2014

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