The Sun Online and solar activity. March 24, 2014

Several C-class flares in past 24h. The strongest one was a C4.5 flare from AR 2014 peaking at 00:10 UT. AR 2010, 2014 and 2015 have potential for M-class flares.Geomagnetic conditions are quiet, solar wind speed is around 400 km/s with IMF values lower than 5 nT. The conditions may reach active and minor storm levels when/if the CME of March 23 arrives to the Earth, expected early on March 26.

Equipment: Coronado 90 +  Imaging Source DMK  + LX75
Processing: Photoshop, Avistack 300 frames
Date: 03/24/14
Time UT: 13:00
Exposure 1/500 sec.

With SPONLI Space is getting closer