The Sun Online and solar activity. April 24, 2014

Six low-level C-class flares were recorded over the last 24 hours, mostly produced by active region NOAA 2035 which was also the source of the strongest event (C5 peaking at 13:06UT). NOAA 2044 was the only other region producing a flare (C3 peaking at 23:53UT). Imagery from the SOHO and STEREO coronagraphs indicate that the associated CMEs are directed away from the Earth, with any glancing blow not expected to affect the geomagnetic field significantly.

There’s still a chance on a C-class flare. Dourbes recorded a brief period of active geomagnetic conditions
(00:00-03:00UT; K=4; Kp=3). The source of this disturbance is uncertain, with no obvious signature in the solar wind (ACE). For the remainder of the period, quiet geomagnetic conditions were observed. Solar wind speed oscillated between 400 and 450km/s, with Bz varying between -6 and +5nT. A small equatorial coronal hole passed the central meridian last night. The geomagnetic field may be impacted starting around 27 April.
Geomagnetic conditions are expected to be quiet.