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A Scorpius Sky Spectacular 

Image Credit & Copyright: Stéphane Guisard, TWAN

If Scorpius looked this good to the unaided eye, humans might remember it better. Scorpius more typically appears as a few bright stars in a well-known but rarely pointed out zodiacal constellation. To get a spectacular image like this, though, one needs a good camera, color filters, and a digital image processor. To bring out detail, the above image not only involved long duration exposures taken in several colors, but one exposure in a very specific red color emitted by hydrogen. The resulting image shows many breathtaking features. Vertically across the image left is part of the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. Visible there are vast clouds of bright stars and long filaments of dark dust. Jutting out diagonally from the Milky Way in the image center are dark dust bands known as the Dark River. This river connects to several bright stars on the right that are part of Scorpius’ head and claws, and include the bright star Antares. Above and right of Antares is an even brighter planet Jupiter. Numerous red emission nebulas and blue reflection nebulas are visible throughout the image. Scorpius appears prominently in southern skies after sunset during the middle of the year.

NASA APOD 04-May-14 scorpio_guisard_1328

Reflection nebula IC 4605

1b1f97b8d316c4e5e08f345375ea7587.1824x0_q100_watermarkIC 4605 is the small reflection nebula located near Antares in the constellation Scorpius.  IC 4605 is a part of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud of gas that is illuminated by the radiation of the star Scorpii , also known as HD 148605.

Imaging telescopes or lenses: SkyWatcher Equinox 80/500
Imaging cameras: Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel Cooled mod
Mounts: Sky-Watcher NEQ6
Guiding cameras: QHYCCD IMG0H
Focal reducers: TeleVue 0.8x Photo Reducer/Flattener TRF-2008
Software: Pixinsight 1.8
Accessories: Teleskop-Service OAG 9mm
Dates: July 13, 2013
Frames: 8×900″
Integration: 2.0 hours

Author: grizli21

AstroPhotography of the day by SPONLI
04 May 2014