The Sun Online and solar activity. May 20, 2014

There were two C flares during the past 24 hours. The brightest flare was a C1.9 flare released by NOAA AR 12060, peaking at 01:48 UT on May 20. It was associated with a filament eruption near 50W 10S as observed around 03:24 UT in the 304 Angstrom channel of SDO-AIA. STEREO COR2A detected a narrow
CME that is probably associated with this filament eruption at 5:24 UT. This CME is not expected to be geoeffective. In the next 48 hours, more C flares are likely, especially from NOAA AR 12060, 12071, and 12066.Over the last 24 hours, solar wind speed as observed by ACE was low and steady between 340 and 370 km/s, while the magnitude of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) varied between 2 and 6 nT. Over the past 24 hours, geomagnetic conditions were quiet (K Dourbes between 0 and 3; NOAA Kp between 1 and 2). Quiet geomagnetic levels (K Dourbes < 4) are expected on May 20 and 21. As an effect of the high speed stream associated to a weak southern coronal hole, there is a chance for active geomagnetic conditions
(K Dourbes = 4) on May 22.