The Sun Online and solar activity. May 23, 2014

There were four low C flares during the past 24 hours. The brightest one was a C1.5 flare released by NOAA AR 12065 with peak time at 04:58 UT on May 23. No new CMEs were observed. In the next 48 hours, the probability for C flares is high (85%, from NOAA AR 12071, 12072, 12073, 12065, and 12066) and for M flares around 25%, especially from NOAA AR 12071 and 12065.Over the last 24 hours, the solar wind speed as observed by ACE was around 350 km/s until it suddenly jumped to about 500 km/s around 3h30 UT
on May 23. This was probably due to the arrival of a coronal hole high speed stream. Meanwhile the magnitude of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) had increased from 5 nT to about 12 nT. Over the past 24 hours,
geomagnetic conditions were quiet (K Dourbes between 1 and 3; NOAA Kp between 1 and 3) due to the IMF’s positive Bz angle. As an effect of the high speed stream, quiet geomagnetic levels (K Dourbes < 4) with active (K Dourbes = 4) to minor storm (K Dourbes = 5) periods are expected on May 23 and 24. Quiet conditions are expected on May 25.