The Sun Online and solar activity. June 3, 2014

The Sun produced a M1.3 flare, peaking at 4:09 UT on 3 June. The flare originated from Catania sunspot region 65 (NOAA AR 2077). The latest coronagraphic images suggest the occurrence of an associated CME, but further analysis will be needed once more data are available to determine any potential impact. Flaring activity is expected to be at the level of C-class flares, with a slight chance for another isolated M-class flare.
Solar wind observations from ACE indicate the arrival of the expected (but weak) coronal hole high speed stream  near midnight UT time. Solar wind speed increased from 260 km/s to currently around 340 km/s. The magnitude of the IMF reached a maximum of 10 nT. The Bz component changed from -8 nT to +8 nT, but was mainly positive. The local geomagnetic K-index in Dourbes and Izmiran reached K=4 during one time slot.
Quiet geomagnetic conditions are expected for the next 48 hours.