The Sun Online and solar activity. June 13, 2014

The complex and long duration M3.1 flare (peaking at 22:16 UT) on June 12 was associated with an EIT wave, type II radio burst (estimated shock wave speed is about 1700 km/s) and a partial halo CME. The CME was first seen in the SOHO/LASCO C2 field of view at 22:12 UT, had the angular width of 200 degrees and the projected plane of the sky speed of 600 km/s (as reported by the CACTUS software). The bulk of the CME mass was ejected south-west from the Sun-Earth line. The arrival of the glancing blow from the CME-driven shock wave is possible but not very probable in the evening of June 15.

Equipment: Coronado 90 +  Imaging Source DMK  + LX75
Processing: Photoshop, Avistack 300 frames
Date: 06/13/14
Time UT: 20:00
Exposure 1/500 sec.

Observatory SPONLI