The Sun Online and solar activity. June 24, 2014

A C2.1 flare peaked at 00:29 UT today. It originated behind the limb at Catania 92 (NOAA AR 2092 and 2087) which rotated over the west limb today. A CME seems to be related to this flare, but there is no coronagraph, nor any STEREO-A data (data gap) to confirm, this should not be Earth directed in any case. More flaring activity at the C-class level can be expected from this AR (before it disappears completely from the visible side of the Sun), from Catania 89 and 90 (NOAA AR 2093, even though it  has lost its beta gamma configuration) and Catania 92 (NOAA AR 2096) and Catania 93 (NOAA AR 2097), which are growing in size.
A partial halo CME erupted at 06:12 UT (first seen by LASCO-C2, after a data gap), with an angular width of about 100 degrees and speed of 1000 km/s. This event is backsided, the eruption started in the south west of
the the Sun as seen by STEREO-A, the bulk of the material is directed towards the south and it is not  expected to arrive to the Earth.A shock was detected at ACE on June 23 at 22:00 UT, it corresponds to the expected glancing blow of the CME from June 19. The speed jumped to 400 km/s while the magnetic field intensity did not reach 10 nT. Therefore, only unsettled geomagnetic conditions occurred. The arrival of the CME from June 20 is expected later on today with possible active to minor storm levels. A glancing blow from the CME on June 21 can be expected tomorrow, causing active conditions at most.