The Sun Online and solar activity. July 25, 2014

Solar activity has been mostly quiet except for Catania group 22 (NOAA AR 2121) which did produce another C2 flare peaking at 7:02 UT. The background X-ray flux rose slightly to around the B3 level. Similar conditions (essentially quiet but with a significant chance for an occasional low level C flare) are expected to continue with an increasing C flare probability as some returning active regions are turning into view over the next days. These will eventually also raise a slight chance for M level flares.
No Earth directed CME’s have been observed.After reaching maxima of just over 400km/s at the start of the reporting period, solar wind speed decreased to a minimum of about 310 km/s and later increased again gradually to values presently about 360 km/s. The total magnetic field varied essentially in the 2 to 6.5 nT range with Bz also variable in the +-6nT range. Geomagnetic conditions were quiet to unsettled (local K Dourbes 2-3 and NOAA Kp 1-3). Similar solar wind conditions as well as geomagnetic conditions (quiet to unsettled) are expected to continue over the next days.