The Sun Online and solar activity. August 24, 2014

Solar activity continued to be low with a handful of C flares. The two most prominent were again, like yesterday, from NOAA AR 2146 and NOAA AR 2149. A C6 flare peaking at 17:27 UT originated from NOAA AR 2146 and a C5.5 flare peaking at 5:02 UT originated from NOAA AR 2149. Both were  associated with eruptions but no earth directed CME’s were detected in coronagraph images. Low solar activity with C flares and a chance for an M flare is expected to continue.Solar wind conditions were nominal. Solar wind speed dropped steadily from around 310 km/s at the start of the reporting period to around 270 km/s currently. Total magnetic field was variable in the 1.5 to 6 nT range with Bz also variable in the +-4nT range. The phi angle was mostly positive (away).  Geomagnetic conditions were quiet with a local unsettled period around UT noon August 23 (NOAA Kp=1 throughout the period while local K Dourbes between 0-3). Nominal solar wind conditions and quiet geomagnetic conditions are expected to continue until the combined arrival of the August 22 CME’s expected from the afternoon of August 26 onwards. This may be associated with active geomagnetic conditions.