The Sun Online and solar activity. August 28, 2014

Only two small C-class flares were observed in the past period. All active regions at the frontside are relatively stable. No Earth directed CMEs were observed. Flaring activity is expected to remain at the level of C-flares. A equatorial coronal hole has crossed the central meridian, which is likely to influence the solar wind conditions near Earth starting on August 30.The magnitude of the interplanetary magnetic field declined from 15 to 9 nT, with Bz mainly being southward. The solar wind speed is fluctuating between 300 and 380 km/s.
Geomagnetic activity reached active levels (local K=4 at Dourbes), with even an single time slot of minor storm level (NOAA Kp=5). A return to quiet to unsettled conditions is expected, till the potential arrival of a shock related to the August 25 CMEs later today.