The Sun Online and solar activity. September 15, 2014

Only minor C class flares in past 24 hours, with a C3.1 from Catania 45 (NOAA  2157, peak 00:27 UT) being the strongest one. More C-class flaring activity can be expected, with M-flares less likely.Geomagnetic conditions have been quiet and are expected to remain so, unless a CME from a filament eruption from close to disk center on September 12 arrives to the Earth in
the next 24 hours (no obvious CME could be detected).

Equipment: Coronado 90 +  Imaging Source DMK  + LX75
Processing: Photoshop, Avistack 300 frames
Date: 15/08/14
Time UT: 16:00
Exposure 1/500 sec.

Observatory Sponli