The Sun Online and solar activity. october 01.10.2014


INFO FROM SIDC - RWC BELGIUM 2014 Sep 30 12:20:03

There are currently 10 sunspot groups on the solar disk, with two active
regions approaching the east limb. However, only NOAA 2173 is producing
low-level C-class flaring, the strongest being a C3.3 flare peaking at
21:32UT. NOAA 2175 and NOAA 2177 have some mixed magnetic polarities, but
have remained quiet. No Earth-directed CMEs have been observed. The x-ray
background flux is already 5 consecutive days above the C1-level. Two
20-degrees long filaments visible in the western solar hemisphere have
remained quiet.

C-class flaring is expected, with a reasonable chance on an isolated
M-class flare.

Solar wind speed varied mostly between 340 and 380 km/s, with Bz
fluctuating between -7 and +5 nT. Quiet to unsettled geomagnetic conditions
were observed, with Kp having some active periods. Geomagnetic conditions
are expected to be quiet to unsettled, with locally an active period