The Sun Online and solar activity. october 02.10.2014

UPH20141001154003INFO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM 2014 Oct 01 12:31:31

Only one C-class flare was observed during the period. This C6.7 flare was located in NOAA 2172 and peaked at 03:06UT. The other 8 sunspot groups have been quiet. NOAA 2178 seems to be the most complex, with opposite magnetic polarities close to each other but no apparent delta structure. A CME first observed by LASCO at 08:48UT on 01 October was associated to a prominence eruption near the east limb. It is not Earth directed. The x-ray background flux is still above the C1-level. Two 20-degrees long filaments visible in the western solar hemisphere have remained quiet. C-class flaring is expected, with still a chance on an isolated M-class flare. Solar wind speed varied between 350 and 400 km/s, with peaks near 450 km/s. Bz fluctuated between -7 and +5 nT. A few isolated active periods were recorded. Geomagnetic conditions are expected to be quiet to unsettled, with isolated active periods possible.