The Sun Online and solar activity. october 04.10.2014


INFO FROM SIDC - RWC BELGIUM 2014 Oct 03 12:20:19

Late on 2 October, a long duration M1.5 flare was quickly followed by a
powerful M7.3 flare, thus ending a 36 hours drought in flaring activity.
The two flares peaked resp. at 17:44UT and 19:01UT, and had their source in
the sunspot complex NOAA 2172/2173 which was rounding the west limb at that
time. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux stayed at nominal levels, and the
associated CME was directed to the southwest with no Earth-directed
component observed based on currently available imagery.
In the wake of the two medium flares, NOAA 2172/2173 produced a series of
C-class flares, the strongest being a C9.0 flare peaking at 06:48UT. The
x-ray background flux is still at the C1-level, but is expected to decrease
as the trailing portion of NOAA 2172 will have rounded the west limb later
today. The other 8 sunspot regions have a fairly simple magnetic
configuration, and have been quiet. 

C-class flaring is expected, with a small chance on an M-class flare from
behind the west limb from NOAA 2172/2173. Solar wind speed varied mostly between 350 and 400 km/s, and Bz fluctuated
between -5 and +4 nT. Geomagnetic conditions were quiet to unsettled, and
are expected to remain so.