Sun online. 06.10.2014




The only C-class event of the period was a C1 flare peaking at 09:54UT and

produced by NOAA 2178. The 7 groups currently visible on the solar disk

have a relatively simple magnetic configuration and have been quiet.

Numerous filaments are present on the solar disk, but they are mostly small

and quiet. There remains a chance on an C-class flare. No obvious CMEs were

observed during the period.


A corotating interaction region has influenced the solar wind since late on

3 October. Around 17:00UT on 4 October, the direction of the IMF turned

towards the Sun, and solar wind speed peaked near values of 480 km/s early

on 5 October. Bz was mostly positive, fluctuating between -5 and +10 nT

during the latter half of the observation period. Geomagnetic conditions

were quiet to unsettled and are expected to remain so.