Sun online.Solar activity 08.10.2014


The flaring activity during last 24 hours was on the low C-class level. Thestrongest flare reported was the C 3.0 flare (peaking at 17:07 UT onOctober 06), originating from the Catania sunspot group 69 (NOAA AR 2185)at that moment situated close to the east solar limb. The flare wasaccompanied with the coronal dimming and the CME first seen in the SOHOLASCO C2 field of view at 17:12 UT. The CME had angular width of about 110degrees and the projected speed of about 350 km/s (as reported by CACTUSsoftware package). This CME will not arrive at the Earth. We expect flaringof the C-class level in the coming hours.The Earth is currently inside aslow solar wind with the speed of 350 km/s. The interplanetary magneticfield is stable with the magnitude of about 4 nT. The geomagneticconditions are quiet and expect to remain so during the following hours.