The Sun online and activity solar.28.10.2014



Another X-class flare was produced by Catania sunspot group 88 (NOAA AR 2192); an X2.1 flare peaked at 14:47 UT on October 27. Also three M-class and several C-class flares were added to the activity list of this region. No associated CME was observed, nor was there an increase in proton flux. The region Lf-nh7 retains its area and magnetic complexity and has still high potential to produce additional flares up to the X-level. It is currently located close to the West limb and a strong eruption may result in a rise of the proton flux.  The extended filament in the northern hemisphere has the potential to lift off and produce an Earth-directed CME.  Earth is inside a slow solar wind, with a speed near 400 km/s. The interplanetary magnetic field magnitude reaches values up to 8 nT, with an often southward oriented Bz. Mostly quiet geomagnetic conditions are observed, with a few isolated time slots of active (K=4, measured at Dourbes) conditions. Quiet to active conditions are  expected to continue.

Equipment: Coronado 90 +  Imaging Source DMK  + LX75
Processing: Photoshop, Avistack 300 frames
Date: 28/10/14
Exposure 1/500 sec.