The Sun online and activity solar.29.10.2014

солнце 29 октября

Solar activity has slightly reduced in the past 24 hours, with three M-class and two C-class flares. Activity mainly originated from  Catania sunspot group 88 (NOAA AR 2192). A narrow CME was observed in SOHO/LASCO-C2 imagery (first measurement at October 28 20:24 UT), with a projected speed of 388 km/s (CACTus estimate). The CME is travelling to the northeast of the Sun-Earth line. The CME is believed to be associated with activity at the backside of the Sun and as such no effect on Earth is expected. Catania group 88 still has potential to produce strong flares up to the X-level. Due to it’s location close to the West limb, a strong eruption may result in a rise of the proton flux. Earth is currently inside a slow solar wind, with solar wind speed decreasing from 450 km/s to currently around 350 km/s. The interplanetary magnetic field has a magnitude of about 5 nT with fluctuating Bz values. Quiet geomagnetic conditions are observed and are expected to continue.