Triangulum Galaxy

10 ноября галактика треугольника

The Triangulum Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approximately 3 million light-years (ly) from Earth in the constellation Triangulum. It is catalogued as Messier 33 or NGC 598, and is sometimes informally referred to as the Pinwheel Galaxy, a nickname it shares with Messier 101. The Triangulum Galaxy is the third-largest member of the Local Group of galaxies, which includes the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy and about 44 other smaller galaxies. It is one of the most distant permanent objects that can be viewed with the naked eye.

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Deep Sky Instruments RC10C
Imaging cameras: SBIG STL 11000M
Mounts: Astro-Physics 900GTO
Guiding telescopes or lenses: Deep Sky Instruments RC10C
Guiding cameras: SBIG STL 11000M
Accessories: Optec Pyxis rotator 3″
Resolution: 3863×2544
Dates: Oct. 5, 2014
Locations: Misty Valley Observatory
Frames: 112×600″
Integration: 18.7 hours
Avg. Moon age: 10.86 days
Avg. Moon phase: 83.71%
RA center: 23.488 degrees
DEC center: 30.679 degrees
Pixel scale: 0.995 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: -95.182 degrees
Field radius: 0.639 degrees

Аuthor: Marko Järveläinen

Astrophotography of the day of  SPONLI, 10.11.2014