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Sun online and solar activity 26.11.2014


INFO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM 2014 Nov 26 12:25:23 Four C-class flare were observed, with NOAA 2217 producing the strongest event of the period (C2.9 peaking at 06:17UT). Slowly developing region NOAA 2219 and a new, currently unnumbered, region near the east limb merit some attention, as they were the sources of the other C-class flares. Numerous, but quiet, filaments are present on the solar disk, with the longest measuring 40 degrees and located in the NE quadrant. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed. Further C-class flaring is expected, with a small chance on an isolated M-class flare. Solar wind speed declined from about 400 to 320 km/s. Bz was mostly negative and varied between -6 and +4 nT. The IMF is directed away from the Sun. The geomagnetic field was quiet to unsettled (K<4), and is expected to remain so. Effects from an expected Sector Boundary Crossing and the possible high speed stream from the extension of a coronal hole may result in an isolated active period on 27-28 November.

The North America Nebula

27 ноября

The North America Nebula (27 ноября or Caldwell 20) is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus, close to Deneb (the tail of the swan and its brightest star). The remarkable shape of the nebula resembles that of the continent of North America, complete with a prominent Gulf of Mexico. It is sometimes incorrectly called the “North American Nebula”.

Technical card
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Tecnosky Apo triplet 80/480
Imaging cameras: Canon EOS450D
Mounts: Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO
Guiding telescopes or lenses: SkyWatcher 70/500
Guiding cameras: QHY5 II
Focal reducers: TecnoSky Spianatore/riduttore 0,8x
Software: PixInsight 1.8, Adobe Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS5
Filters: Hutech IDAS 2″ LPS D1
Resolution: 4290×2856
Dates: Oct. 17, 2014
Locations: Germignaga
Frames: 45×300″
Integration: 3.8 hours
Avg. Moon age: 23.21 days
Avg. Moon phase: 38.75%
RA center: 314.265 degrees
DEC center: 44.059 degrees
Pixel scale: 2.804 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: -179.373 degrees
Field radius: 2.007 degrees

Аuthor: Andrea Pistocchini

Astrofotography of the day of  SPONLI, 27.11.2014