Sun and solar activity 08.12.2014


INFO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM 2014 Dec 08 12:09:51 The background of the Xray flux (measured by GOES) is currently at the higher B-level. Only 3 minor C-class flares were observed, originating from NOAA AR 2222 (Catania group 24) and 2231 (no Catania number yet). NOAA 2231 emerged yesterday and developed to a beta region. Flaring at the lower C-level is expected. As NOAA 2222 is approaching the west limb, despite the reduced flaring potential, an eruption might still be accompanied by an increased solar proton flux. No Earth directed CMEs were observed. The Earth is still inside a fast flow, but with decreasing solar wind speed values (from 800 to 600 km/s, measured by ACE). The interplanetary magnetic field has a magnitude between 3 and 7 nT with a fluctuating Bz component. Yesterday afternoon (UT time), active to minor storm conditions were reached (to 5 for local K at Dourbes and estimated NOAA Kp) due to the arrival of a coronal hole high speed stream. K returned to quiet conditions again. Quiet to unsettled magnetic conditions are expected.