Sun online and solar activity 10.12.2014


INFO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM 2014 Dec 10 12:23:27 Solar activity was low with several C-class flares originating from NOAA active region 2230, which currently has developed to a beta-gamma region. The strongest flare was a C6.2 flare, peaking at 15:28 UT on December 9. No Earth directed CMEs were observed. Flaring activity at the C-level is expected. The solar wind speed varied between 450 and 550 km/s, but is gradually declining, as observed by ACE and SOHO/Celias. The magnitude of the interplanetary magnetic field reached a maximum of 8 nT. Geomagnetic conditions were quiet to active, related to effects of the CH high speed stream. Quiet to unsettled conditions are expected, with some chance for a few time slots of active to minor storm conditions.