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Moon light has always been an inspiration for work of art, as poetry or music.

“Clair de Lune” (fr. for moonlight) is a French poem, written by Paul Verlaine in 1869. It is the inspiration for the third and most famous movement of Debussy’s 1890 Suite bergamasque of the same name.

Your soul is a chosen landscape
Where charming masqueraders and bergamaskers go
Playing the lute and dancing and almost
Sad beneath their fanciful disguises.

All sing in a minor key
Of victorious love and the opportune life,
They do not seem to believe in their happiness
And their song mingles with the moonlight,

With the still moonlight, sad and beautiful,
That sets the birds dreaming in the trees
And the fountains sobbing in ecstasy,
The tall slender fountains among marble statues.

Photo: Fabio Andrade

Monkey head


Open Cluster NGC 2175 (also known as OCL 476 or Cr 84) is an open cluster in the Orion constellation, embedded in a diffusion nebula. It was discovered by Giovanni Batista Hodierna before 1654 and independently discovered by Karl Christian Bruhns in 1857. NGC 2175 is at a distance of about 6,350 light years away from Earth.

The nebula surrounding it is Sharpless catalog Sh 2-252.

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron 400mm Spotting scope
Imaging cameras: Canon T3 MODDED Canon T3
Mounts: Celestron CGEM
Software: deep sky stacker, adobe photoshop, deepskystacker
Filters: Astronomik EOS clip EOS Filter
RA center: 92.344 degrees
DEC center: 20.614 degrees
Pixel scale: 2.673 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 142.892 degrees
Field radius: 1.500 degrees
Author: Joe Haberthier