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Partial Sun Eclipse in Rome


This composed image represents the demonstration of the Sun Eclipse in the Rome skies and the Angel with lance, lat. Vulnerasti con meum, (sculptor  Domenico Guidi) one of  the Saint Angel Bridge’s Angels.  The shadow of the lance marks the Sun disk, which isn’t eclipsed yet. The sequence  of eclipse itself was made using a telescope and than attached to a photograph of the Angel. The shots of the solar disk are made with Eos 5DMK 3 set with 1/500 and 800 Iso and optics –  Toa130 telescope, focal  1000 f / 7.7 with 2X multiplier; as a sunscreen – Baader Herschel wedge. Obviously the pictures of solar discs were resampled before being placed in the setting.

Translation from Italian: SPONLI team

Author (Text and Picture): Marco Meniero

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