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Testing telescopes of observatory SPONLI

SPONLI provides free access to the observatory telescopes

Conditions of equipment testing :

✓ skills at using MaximDL;
✓ your own portfolio of astrophotography;
✓ at the end of the test you should publish the results in a personal blog from SPONLI;
✓ object for observation – it is up to you;
✓ processed image will be published on the site sponli.com and take part in the competition;

Astrophotografer-winner will receive 5 h of access to telescopes.

Under the terms of testing, we provide:

• two hours of work on the 12-inch telescope (control via TeamViewer).
Opening hours observatory telescopes SPONLI: from 4.00 to 10.00 UT.

• free astroblog named ****. sponli.com (for example ernie.sponli.com)

Send a request to participate in the testing info@sponli.com or mari@sponli.com

Support amateur astronomy with SPONLI

Star Trails over Natural Bridges


The iconic rock stack at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, CA poses serenely under a dome of star trails captured in 27 60-second exposures and combined in Photoshop.

The air was super misty and by the end of the exposure run the bulbous Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens glass was fogged with moisture, so I wasn’t expecting the shots to even be usable, but they seem no worse for wear. This is a preliminary processing; I still need to clean up many airplane light trails that litter the image, though they may not be too prominent at this low resolution.

That black “fringe” on top of the rock formation is seabirds hunkered down for the night!

Equipment: Canon EOS 6D, ISO 800, 20mm, f/2.8.

Author (image and text) – Steve Peters

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