Testing telescopes of observatory SPONLI

SPONLI provides free access to the observatory telescopes

Conditions of equipment testing :

✓ skills at using MaximDL;
✓ your own portfolio of astrophotography;
✓ at the end of the test you should publish the results in a personal blog from SPONLI;
✓ object for observation – it is up to you;
✓ processed image will be published on the site sponli.com and take part in the competition;

Astrophotografer-winner will receive 5 h of access to telescopes.

Under the terms of testing, we provide:

• two hours of work on the 12-inch telescope (control via TeamViewer).
Opening hours observatory telescopes SPONLI: from 4.00 to 10.00 UT.

• free astroblog named ****. sponli.com (for example ernie.sponli.com)

Send a request to participate in the testing info@sponli.com or mari@sponli.com

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