About the project

sp  The idea of our project SPONLI was born not long time ago in 2011 and began to develop quickly. Ivan Olyansky became the main generator of the idea, later took a place of the Project Manager and the Director General of the company. It was him who came up with the concept, found like-minded people who were ready to invest money in developing of the project, assembled a team of employees, which was able to realize the dream – to make the star closer to people.
During the project we have encountered a plenty of difficulties, but every time we overcame them – some of them we solved easily, another needed more efforts and more time, but ultimately, everything went in a positive way.
As a pioneer in this field, we have not had the opportunity to use an experience or learn to turn to the best examples of similar projects. And it is, undoubtedly, a great success, as we have independently examined everything about an equipment, cameras, telescopes, we have deepened the knowledge that eventually allowed us to say safely – we are professionals in this field.
We traveled the world in a searching of places for observatories, we lived in conditions that are not quite suitable for life, we have studied the laws of different countries and all this is for “capture” clear sky.
Observatory facilities – a particular phase in the life of the project. We learnt a huge amount of literature on professional. We are engaged in their configuration, alignment. And it was a special experience to our company.
At this point, the project SPONLI is a close-knit team of professionals, who lives for the project, who is ready to raise, develop and improve it.
We are open to new ideas and we are always happy to find devotee as we are!

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