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The Sun online and activity solar.01.11.2014

солнце 01 ноября

The Sun produced three C-class flares, originating from Catania sunspot groups 2 (no NOAA numbering yet) and 3 (NOAA AR 2201). A prominence eruption occurred at the SE quadrant, starting at around 3:45 UT on November 1. No coronagraphic data are available yet to verify the direction of propagation of an associated CME. However, given the source location, any effect on Earth is unlikely. Further flaring activity at the C-level is expected from Catania groups 99 (NOAA AR 2202), 2 and 3.The interplanetary magnetic field magnitude reached a maximum of 16 nT and decreased again to about 10 nT. The Bz component was mainly positive. The solar wind speed has a value of about 520 km/s, with a maximum of about 580 km/s at 8:00 UT. Quiet to active conditions are expected, with limited chances for minor storm conditions due to CH high speed stream influences.