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The Sun online and solar activity 18.10.2014

солнце 18 октября

A faint halo CME was first observed by LASCO C2 at 10:00 UT on October 17.

Based on the absence of corresponding events in SDO imagery, this CME is

probably backward, and will probably not become geo-effective.

The Sun online and solar activity. 16.10.2014

солнце 16 октября

A full halo CME was detected by LASCO C2 at 19:00 UT on October 14. Its main bulk propagated towards the southeast at an estimated speed of 923 km/s as measured on LASCO C2 and C3 imagery. This CME was associated with the M1.1 flare peaking at 18:37 UT, released by a backside region close to the east limb at 10 S (probably the return of M-flaring region NOAA AR 2173). The associated ICME is not expected to become geo-effective since it is backsided.