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The Sun online and solar activity.12.10.2014

солнце 12 октября


The solar activity is low. The strongest of three C-class flares reportedduring last 24 hours was the C2.5 flare (peaked at 05:15 UT) on October 12.All three C-class flares originated from the NOAA AR 2187 which iscurrently situated close to the east solar limb. No Earth directed CMEswere observed in last 24 hours. The flaring activity at the C-class levelis possible, in particular from the NOAA AR 2187.The Earth is currentlyinside a slow solar wind with the speed of 340 km/s, and the interplanetarymagnetic field magnitude has the average value of about 4nT. We expectquiet to unsettled geomagnetic conditions to continue in the followinghours.